Guadalupe Personal Injury Attorney

Guadalupe Personal Injury Attorney

Guadalupe, Arizona, a unique blend of Hispanic and Native American cultures, is a town rich in history and tradition. The Sorenson Law Firm, situated in nearby Tempe, Arizona, acknowledges the distinctive character of Guadalupe and is committed to providing comprehensive legal services to its residents, particularly in personal injury law.

Discovering Guadalupe’s Rich Cultural Heritage

Named after the Virgin of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Mexico, Guadalupe is home to about 5,322 residents. This culturally vibrant town, nestled between Tempe and Phoenix, is recognized for its Yaqui culture and various religious festivals. Fact Find: US Census Bureau

Guadalupe’s Historical Background

Guadalupe’s origins trace back to the early 1900s with the migration of the Yaqui Indians fleeing oppression in Mexico. Over time, Hispanic families also settled in the area, enriching the town’s cultural fabric.

Notable Attractions in Guadalupe

  • Cultural Celebrations: Guadalupe is renowned for its Lent and Easter ceremonies, featuring traditional Yaqui deer dances and colorful processions.
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Church: A significant religious site in the town.
  • Mercado Mexico: A gift shop offering a variety of cultural artifacts.
  • Cactus Adventures: For those seeking outdoor experiences.

Legal Representation in Guadalupe

The Sorenson Law Firm, recognizing the diverse needs of Guadalupe’s residents, offers legal representation across a spectrum of areas, with a special focus on personal injury.

Our Legal Services

  • Personal Injury & Wrongful Death: Advocacy for those who have suffered due to negligence or unlawful acts.
  • Business & Commercial Litigation: Legal assistance for business-related disputes.
  • Construction & Real Estate Disputes: Addressing conflicts in property and construction.
  • Civil Trial Work & Appeals: Representing clients in civil trials and appellate matters.

Commitment to Diversity and Community

As a minority-owned law firm, we are dedicated to offering equal opportunities to all individuals, irrespective of background or gender. Our approach is rooted in dignity, aiming to help everyone achieve their full potential.

Understanding Guadalupe’s Safety and Legal Infrastructure

Guadalupe, while rich in culture, faces challenges regarding safety, with crime rates higher than the national average. We advise visitors to travel with caution and consider local guidance for a safe experience.

Guadalupe Courts and Legal Proceedings

Legal proceedings for Guadalupe residents are handled by the Tempe Municipal Court, with language services available for non-English speakers.

Why Choose The Sorenson Law Firm?

  • Experienced Legal Team: With over 100 years of combined experience, our attorneys are well-equipped to handle a variety of cases.
  • Client-Centric Approach: We prioritize our clients’ needs, ensuring personalized and effective legal representation.
  • Deep Community Ties: Our firm’s longstanding presence in the area gives us a unique understanding of the community’s legal needs.
  • Dedication to Justice: We strive to provide fair and just legal representation, upholding the rights of our clients.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Residents of Guadalupe seeking legal advice or representation are encouraged to contact The Sorenson Law Firm for a free initial consultation.

Contact Information

Office Location: Suite 226, 950 West Elliot Road, Tempe, AZ 85284

Phone: 480-839-9500


Results That Matter

In Guadalupe, a town where tradition and history are deeply woven into the community fabric, the Sorenson Law Firm stands ready to provide expert legal assistance. Whether it’s a personal injury case, a business dispute, or a civil trial, our team is committed to serving the residents of Guadalupe with professionalism and respect. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you.

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Fawn Blue
Fawn Blue
Let me start off by saying that if your looking for someone who is kind thoughtful professional down to earth easy to communicate with & is very pro active in how they do business & is 100% invested in you & getting the best outcome for whatever your situation may be than I would recommend jonny & rowanna. This was my first time that I needed to find a lawyer who could assist me with my situation. What stood out to me was at the end of our zoom meeting I remember saying to both jonny & rowann that I'm not interested in moving forward because I was more at fault than the lady who hit me so in my mind I'm thinking we'll this guy probably isn't going to want to take my case because it seemed like it would be an uphill battle, & he responded by letting me know that he would like to take my case & see what he could do & bottom line is that you"ll either have more than what you have now or you"ll be in the same situation. So I thought about it for a minute & decided to trust them to see what happens. So from that day on all the way til the case was resolved I've had a great experience with them. Rowanna explained everything to me in a way that was not complicated & always asked me that if had any questions or if I didn't understand she would ask. They are easy to talk with & made me feel like I was important & trying to get the best outcome for me. When my case was complete I was so grateful & appreciated for what they were able to do for me. Johnny & Rowanna are the best & will always have & want the best for you I know because they did that for me. Thanks again CHRISTOPHER
Audrey Sullivan (Audrey-AZRealtor)
Audrey Sullivan (Audrey-AZRealtor)
Experts who care about their clients & work seamlessly to help. There was immense relief having Sorenson Law Firm on our side. They were referred to us by a friend and I am thankful for that! I don't know what we would have done without their expertise.
Jim Van Wicklin
Jim Van Wicklin
Johnny and his team are phenomenal. From the intake with his admin team to the final resolution, there wasn't a moment I didn't feel like we were his top client. I highly recommend Sorenson Law Firm for all your legal needs.
Nicholas Thomas
Nicholas Thomas
I worked with The Sorenson Law firm for about 5 months resolving a personal injury claim that occurred during a car accident I was in and I couldn't have been more happy with results. The firm was always responsive, quick to answer any questions I had and I could tell they had my best interest in mind. I would recommend The Sorenson Law Firm to anyone that needs a personal injury lawyer, they're great!
Amanda Larson
Amanda Larson
I cannot recommend the Sorenson Law Firm enough. After an accident, I was in a situation where I knew very little about my options. I reached out to my community for advice and Johnny’s wife was quick to put me in contact with him to get me some help. The insurance company we were dealing with was not the easiest, but Johnny and his team did a wonderful job at recovering my losses and fighting for me. Johnny and his team kept me well informed and educated throughout the process, which meant a lot as I was very naïve and knew very little going into this process. I feel fortunate to have crossed paths with this wonderful team, and if life ever throws another curve ball, I’ll be sure to use the Sorenson Law Firm again!!!
Erick Fuentes
Erick Fuentes
Sorenson Law handled my case against a local vendor, Mr. Sorenson handled my case expeditiously and to my satisfaction, I would recommend Sorenson Law to anyone. Thank you Mr Sorenson
Jessica Davis
Jessica Davis
Very compassionate with our very delicate situation. Understanding and professional at all times. Always kept our best interest at hand and communicated very well every step of the way.
Alfanzo Atkins
Alfanzo Atkins
Had a good experience with Matt would recommend if you were hurt or injured very polite n responsive
Anna C
Anna C
I got into a severe car accident and went to the Sorenson law firm, they weren’t just any law firm for me, I was very impressed by their actions as they put you and your matters first! They are one who takes pride and truly represents you and themselves. I thank them for helping me every step of the way in getting justice and all of their hard work!
Mark Bay
Mark Bay
Sorenson Law Firm made a tough situation less burdensome for me and my family. Going through the lost of a loved one and having to instill trust in people you don't know is hard. But Johnny Sorenson and his associates were very caring, professional, informative and timely when it came to our case. I would recommend The Sorenson Law Firm to anyone that needs lawyers that actually care about their clients and not just a paycheck. I'm writing this as a thank you to their company and to the team that worked on our case. Thank you!