Powerful Self-Defense Laws: Your Rights as a Gun Owner in Arizona

Self-Defense Laws

Exploring Self-Defense Laws: Your Rights as a Gun Owner in Arizona

Self-defense is a fundamental right protected by law, allowing individuals to protect themselves and others from imminent harm. In Arizona, the definition of self-defense is primarily governed by Section 13-404 of the state’s law. 

This statute outlines the circumstances under which an individual can justifiably use physical force, including deadly force, against another person. It is intended to protect themselves or someone else from an imminent threat of death or serious bodily harm.

 It is important to note that the force used must be deemed reasonable under the circumstances. 

This article explores Arizona’s self-defense laws, covering relevant statutes and potential criminal consequences of self-defense shootings. It also provides guidance on protecting yourself as a gun owner from criminal charges.

The Castle Doctrine:

Arizona has implemented the “Castle Doctrine” through Section 13-406 of the Arizona Revised Statutes. This doctrine allows individuals to presume a reasonable fear of imminent death or physical harm if an intruder unlawfully enters or attempts to enter their occupied home or vehicle. It provides legal protections when using force, including deadly force, to defend oneself within these spaces.

Stand Your Ground Law:

Furthermore, Arizona adheres to the “Stand Your Ground” principle, which means that individuals have no obligation to retreat in public spaces if they have a lawful right to be there. They can use reasonable force, including deadly force, to defend themselves against an imminent threat of death or serious bodily harm.

Criminal Consequences for Shooting in Self-Defense:

Although the law recognizes the right to self-defense, shooting someone in self-defense can still result in criminal consequences. The specific consequences depend on the circumstances and the laws in Arizona.

Potential outcomes may include – 

  • Investigation and Arrest

After a self-defense shooting, law enforcement will investigate the incident to determine if your actions were justified. You may face arrest during the investigation, depending on the evidence and circumstances. However, an arrest does not automatically indicate guilt.


  • Legal Charges

If there are concerns regarding the legality of your actions, you may face criminal charges. These charges could range from manslaughter or assault to, in extreme cases, murder. The charges will be evaluated based on the evidence and the application of self-defense laws.

  • Legal Proceedings

If you are charged, you will go through the legal process, including court appearances and a trial. The outcome depends on the strength of your self-defense argument, the evidence presented, and the interpretation of the law.

Protecting Yourself From Criminal Charges:

While it is impossible to guarantee complete protection from criminal charges, the following steps may help protect your rights:

Familiarize Yourself With the Law:

Understand the self-defense laws in Arizona, including Section 13-404 and Section 13-406. Be aware of the requirements and limitations imposed by these statutes.

Use Reasonable and Proportional Force:

In a self-defense situation, control yourself and use only the amount of force that is reasonable and proportional to the threat faced. Avoid excessive or unnecessary force, as it can weaken your self-defense claim.

Cooperate With Law Enforcement:

Fully cooperate with law enforcement during the investigation. Provide an accurate account of the incident by presenting any supporting evidence, and follow the instructions of the investigating officers.

Seek Legal Representation:

A criminal defense attorney specializing in self-defense cases can help you through the legal process of protecting your rights and also in building a strong defense strategy.

Preserve Evidence and Document the Incident:

If possible, gather and preserve any evidence that supports your self-defense claim. It may include photographs, video footage, witness statements, or any relevant documentation. Maintain a record of the incident, including any injuries sustained or damage caused.

Understanding self-defense laws in Arizona is important for gun owners. By acting within the confines of the law, seeking legal representation like that of The Sorenson Law Firm LLC., and preserving evidence, you can better protect yourself from potential criminal charges while exercising your rights as a responsible gun owner.

Firearms and Domestic Violence in Arizona

Arizona law prohibits individuals convicted of domestic violence from owning a firearm while serving probation for that offense. You can not buy a gun if you are currently serving probation for domestic violence.

Specific laws and measures are in place to address the issue of firearms in relation to domestic violence. Defining “domestic violence” offenses is crucial to understand the intersection of gun laws and domestic violence cases. Domestic violence in Arizona encompasses various acts, including physical assault, threats, intimidation, harassment, and other abusive behaviors committed by one household or family member against another.

Self-defense Laws Arizona
Different guns and revolvers on shelves store weapons on shop center.

Kaity’s Law:

“Kaity’s Law” is a bill that extends domestic violence protection to couples in Arizona. The law was created after 17-year-old Kaitlyn Sudberry was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend before turning the gun on himself. Arizona Senator Jonathan Paton drafted the bill this legislative session.

The law was enacted in 2009 and expanded to apply to people who have abused certain dating partners. They also broadly apply to families. 

In Arizona, it refers to legislation enacted to protect victims of domestic violence. It establishes additional provisions and protections for domestic violence offenses, including measures to prevent abusers from accessing firearms.

Protective Orders: 

In domestic violence cases, victims can seek protective orders, also apprehended as “restraining orders” or “orders of protection,” which are legal documents issued by a court to protect individuals from abuse or threats. 

In Arizona, protective orders include provisions related to firearms, such as prohibiting the respondent (the person against whom the order is filed) from possessing or purchasing firearms while the order is in effect. Violating these provisions can result in legal consequences.

Gun Relinquishment: 

In certain cases, when a protective order is issued, the respondent may be required to surrender any firearms they possess to law enforcement or a designated third party. The firearms can be returned to the respondent after the order expires or is terminated.

This measure aims to prevent potential harm or escalation of violence during the duration of the protective order.

Federal Laws: 

In addition to state laws, federal laws also address firearm restrictions for individuals involved in domestic violence. The Lautenberg Amendment, also known as the Domestic Violence Offender Gun Ban, prohibits individuals convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence offenses from possessing firearms. This federal law applies nationwide and can impact individuals in Arizona who have been convicted of qualifying domestic violence offenses.

Victim Protection: 

Ensuring the safety and protection of domestic violence victims is a priority. Law enforcement agencies and domestic violence organizations in Arizona work together to provide support, resources, and information to help victims navigate the legal processes, understand their rights, and access available protections.

In Arizona, An “ex parte emergency order of protection” can be issued when immediate protection is needed for a victim of domestic violence.

Ex Parte Emergency Order of Protection:

It is a legal document issued by a court to provide immediate protection to individuals at risk of harm due to domestic violence, harassment, or other related offenses. 

“Ex parte” refers to the fact that this order can be obtained without the presence of the alleged offender or abuser, and “emergency” indicates the urgent nature of the situation. Such orders can restrict the abuser’s access to firearms, providing temporary safeguards until a hearing can be held.

Firearm Training and Education in Arizona

Firearm training and education are vital in promoting responsible gun ownership and ensuring the safety of individuals and the community. In Arizona, various opportunities and resources are available for individuals seeking firearm training and education. There are many firearm educational resources available in Arizona. 

Firearm Training Institutes:

Arizona Defensive Firearms Training has been training students in CCW and firearms in Arizona since 1992. They provide various types of firearm training, including basic, intermediate, advanced, and concealed carry training.

Adaptive Firearms Institute provides civilian classes tailored to practical everyday scenarios. They have years of experience training state and federal agencies. Their 8-acre shooting complex includes three ranges, barracks, a flight line, a chow hall, a 1.5-mile driving track, a skid pad, an aircraft breaching, and “the playground,” a range with vehicles and buildings for practical training.

They have classes for a new shooter to an experienced operator.

There are several other institutes providing firearm training in Arizona. Some of them are:

  • Gunsite Academy
  • SAFE Arizona Firearms Education
  • Shooter’s World Education
  • Arizona Home Defense

Firearm Education Programs

Firearm Education Programs are important for responsible gun ownership and safety. It is important to learn how to handle firearms safely and responsibly. Knowledge about the laws and regulations in the state keeps gun owners safe from any legal charge.

There are types of educational firearm training the above institutes are providing in Arizona. Here’s a brief description of each training course:

Basic firearm training: 

This course is designed for beginners with little or no firearms experience. It covers the basics of firearm safety, handling, and shooting. Students learn to load and unload firearms safely, aim and shoot accurately, and clean and maintain their firearms.

Concealed carry training: 

This course is designed for individuals seeking a concealed carry permit. It covers the legal requirements for carrying a concealed weapon and the basics of firearm safety, handling, and shooting.

Intermediate firearm training: 

This course is designed for individuals who already have some experience with firearms and want to improve their skills. It covers advanced shooting techniques, such as shooting while moving, shooting from cover, and shooting at moving targets.

Advanced firearm training: 

This course is designed for experienced shooters who want to take their skills to the next level. It covers advanced shooting techniques, such as shooting at long distances, shooting in low light conditions, and shooting under stress.

Arizona Gun Laws and Mental Health

According to the Arizona Revised Statutes. Specifically, § 36-540 and § 13-925., Arizona does not require a mental health evaluation for gun ownership. However, if an individual has been involuntarily committed to a mental institution or has been found to constitute a danger to themself or others under a court order § 36-540, and whose right to own a firearm has not been restored under § 13-925, they are prohibited from possessing firearms.

Involuntary Commitment: 

Arizona law prohibits individuals who have been adjudicated as mentally ill or who have been involuntarily committed to a mental health facility from owning firearms. The details and duration of these restrictions can vary based on the specific circumstances and legal proceedings involved.

Background Checks:

Federal law requires licensed firearms dealers to execute complete background checks through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) before selling firearms. This check includes information on mental health disqualifications, such as individuals involuntarily committed to a mental institution or adjudicated as mentally ill. It is important to note that private sales between individuals do not require a background check under federal law, although some states may have additional regulations.

Reporting and Information Sharing: 

Mental health professionals must report individuals who pose a danger to themselves or others to the Arizona Department of Health Services. The department then reports the individual to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) database. 

This information includes records of individuals involuntarily committed or determined by a court to be mentally ill. This reporting aims to prevent individuals with mental health conditions that risk harm from accessing firearms.

Law enforcement agencies must also report individuals who pose a danger to themselves or others to the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The department then reports the individual to the NICS database.

By exploring these various aspects of Arizona’s gun laws, individuals can navigate the legal landscape and make informed decisions regarding firearm ownership. It is important to consult the Arizona state government, law enforcement agencies, and firearm rights advocates for accurate and up-to-date information about their circumstances.

Knowing Arizona’s gun laws and regulations is crucial. Whether you are a gun owner, an individual considering firearm ownership, or an activist advocating for or against gun rights. It empowers individuals to exercise their rights responsibly, promotes safety, and contributes to a well-informed and constructive dialogue surrounding firearms in Arizona.

When it comes to legal representation in regards to your gun rights, consider The Sorenson Law Firm, LLC with extensive experience in this category that can fight for you.  


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