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Personal Injury & Wrongful Death: When you are injured because somebody else was careless or reckless, you need an attorney who knows how to handle your unique situation. In addition to the injury itself, which alone causes physical, emotional and psychological pain and suffering, the addition of emergency care, follow-up visits, x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, physical therapy and specialist evaluations all take a tremendous toll on a person, both financially and emotionally. When the unthinkable occurs and you lose a loved one, the damage can seem immeasurable.

We have more than 100 years of combined experience both defending and prosecuting personal injury and wrongful death cases from the inception of the case all the way through to trial. We have handled virtually all types of personal injury cases, from minor soft tissue neck and back injuries to catastrophic and life-threatening head injuries. Our attorneys have represented clients in personal injury cases in both compulsory and binding arbitrations as well as bench and jury trials.

We are also experienced wrongful death litigators, having handled a variety of claims, including deaths resulting from automobile accidents, unsafe buildings, and insufficient security.

Once we are on your case, we will identify all potential sources of compensation, evaluate all applicable categories of damages for which you are entitled to compensation, and prosecute your case as aggressively and efficiently as possible to maximize your compensation. We know that there may be nothing that will physically make the pain go away. That is why our goal is to help you realize the maximum amount of compensation and achieve the maximum measure of justice the law will allow.

Arbitrations, Mediations, and ADR: Litigation is costly and time-consuming process. Although we have substantial jury and bench trial experience, we recognize the benefits of incorporating other means to resolve client disputes when appropriate. Creative use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) avenues, such as arbitrations and mediations, is imperative in today’s economy. The attorneys in our firm pride themselves on their extensive arbitration and mediation experience in all areas of our practice.

In addition to helping his own clients with ADR, Johnny J. Sorenson also provides ADR services to other lawyers and their clients as both a Pro Tem Settlement Conference Judge for the Maricopa County Superior Court and as a third-party neutral for private arbitrations and mediations. Mr. Sorenson has been providing successful ADR services to other lawyers since 2011 and has many references from both the plaintiff’s and defense bar.

Business & Commercial Litigation: As a small, locally-owned business, we appreciate the fact that your business is not just a place you work at every day. It is your livelihood and your passion. We share that passion and dedication, and our goal is not only to provide the best legal advice and the most effective and efficient legal counsel possible, but also to nurture our relationships and respond to the needs of our business-oriented clients.

Our attorneys have handled a variety of cases and issues for and against local and national business, including contract disputes, fraud and misrepresentation claims, breach of warranty claims and personal injury claims. We have represented our clients’ rights in Superior Court, Federal District Court, The Arizona Court of Appeals and numerous arbitration hearings and other tribunals.

Contract, Corporation/Partnership Disputes: Both businesses and individuals routinely enter into contracts, and disputes regarding the terms of the contract or either party’s duties under the contract inevitably arise. When that happens, you need an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer to review and analyze your contract and guide you through the dispute in the most effective and efficient way possible.

We have reviewed and analyzed hundreds of contracts and handled a variety of contract disputes over the years. These include construction contracts and subcontracts, real estate sale contracts, loan and financing contracts, licensing and royalty contracts, service contracts, rental contracts, and a variety of other types of contracts that form the foundation of much of what individuals and businesses do on a daily basis.

We also know that, sometimes, business partnerships and relationships hit rough patches or simply do not work. When that happens, you need an experienced lawyer to guide you through the intricacies of a partnership dispute—up to and including a partnership “divorce”—or a dispute among corporate members. We will work with you to resolve your issues as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Construction & Real Estate Disputes: Arizona’s recent population explosion was accompanied by a corresponding construction explosion. New residential and commercial developments seemingly went up around every corner, and contractors and subcontractors busily remodeled and refurbished existing properties to take advantage of the once-booming real-estate market.

All of that construction unavoidably has lead to—and continues to lead to—both large-scale and smaller-scale construction defect claims and real estate disputes. The attorneys at The Sorenson Law Firm have been in the thick of that battle for years. We have handled a variety of construction and real estate cases, including breach of construction contracts, breach of warranty claims, claims involving soil subsidence and movement, leaky basements, leaky windows and doors, leaky roofs, contaminated wells, and groundwater intrusion into underground pipes. The list of potential construction claims can be mind-boggling, and we at The Sorenson Law Firm have seen—and handled—virtually all of them.

We also handle real estate disputes, including disputes over property lines, insufficient disclosure in real estate transactions, fraud and misrepresentation in real estate contracts, appraisal disputes, improper execution of escrow instructions, and a variety of other types of real estate disputes.

We represents builders, subcontractors and homeowners, both in efforts to resolve construction and real estate disputes prior to litigation and, once litigation begins, before the Arizona Registrar of Contractors and in state and federal courts. We have the knowledge, experience and industry connections to identify the critical issues in your case, retain and consult with appropriate experts if necessary, and represent your interests effectively and efficiently.

Civil Trial Work & Appeals: The attorneys at the Sorenson Law Firm have more than 40 years of combined experience as trial attorneys. We are litigators, first and foremost, and we are not afraid to take your case to trial. We have prosecuted or defended both bench and jury trials in Superior Court, Federal District Court, the Arizona Court of Appeals and numerous arbitration hearings and other tribunals. We have also handled a number of non-trial court proceedings in the Yavapai, Coconino, Navajo and Mohave County Superior Courts.

Sometimes, trial judges make mistakes, and a party’s only option is to seek review of those mistakes through appeal. When that happens, you need a legal team that knows how to go about presenting your case in the best possible light. We at The Sorenson Law Firm are experienced appellate lawyers, having successfully argued several of our clients’ cases to the Arizona Court of Appeals. Our attorneys are also licensed to practice in the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. We welcome the opportunity to help you obtain the right outcome through appeal of an incorrect ruling.

First & Third Party Insurance Defense: The attorneys in our firm have significant experience in representing insureds in litigation matters. Indeed, our firm is approved counsel for and/or has provided legal services to American Family Insurance Group, Unitrin Insurance Company, and various other national insurance companies and third-party administrators. The areas of law these cases encompass range from personal injury/wrongful death, construction litigation/defect, product liability, real estate disputes, premises liability, contract disputes and property damage claims, including water damage and fire loss and those arising in subrogation.

We also have extensive experience representing insurance companies in first party cases involving underinsured and uninsured motorist claims. A successful practice in this area of law requires attorneys who have a firm grasp and clear understanding of the contractual relationship between and insured and its insurer, as well as of Arizona law on the subject.

Insurance Coverage & Bad Faith Disputes: Most of the attorneys in our firm have extensive experience in providing insurance company coverage opinions. This is a particularly sensitive and complicated area of law that requires special knowledge and expertise. Our attorneys are skilled at protecting insurers against claims of bad faith and offering their extensive experience in defending against such claims.

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